How to Know When It’s Time to Return Home From Your Travels

Photo by Kelly Kiernan on Unsplash

The thing about catching the travel bug is that it can be quite hard to shake. When you’ve embraced a nomadic lifestyle that encourages going with the flow, you can find yourself on a wayward trip that lasts for months, and sometimes even years! So how do you know when it’s time to finally come home?

You’re No Longer Happy

This might seem pretty obvious, but if you’re feeling down and you’re not sure why, you could be feeling homesick. It’s possible that the initial thrill of adventure is starting to fade, and you’re missing your loved ones at home.

You Crave Consistency

One of the coolest things about traveling is that it’s the opposite of our normal, routine-based life. However, if you’ve been abroad for too long, you may start to remember something interesting: that a consistent routine has its benefits. If you’re sick of living such an unpredictable existence, it may be time to return to a more stable life at home.

You’re Low on Funds

This is a much more practical reason to return home, and also the antithesis of the traveling spirit in general. While it’s possible to find jobs abroad, they don’t always pay well, and they aren’t easy to find. If you find yourself running low on cash, but you can’t fathom the idea of ending your travels—it might be good to suck it up and go home anyway.