How to Make a Manicure Last the Whole Vacation

Photo by rashid khreiss on Unsplash

Nothing is more annoying than getting your nails done for a holiday, only to have the varnish chip or scratch within minutes of arriving at the hotel. If you’d like to keep your nails looking neat and glossy throughout your holiday, check out these three tips on maintaining that shine all week.

Use A Non-Perfumed Hand Cream

Using a moisturizing hand cream will also keep your nails in good conditioner, and can even provide a glossy sheen over the nail varnish to keep it in place. However, make sure your hand cream isn’t heavily fragranced or too rich, as some chemicals can interact with the varnish and wear it away. Apply twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, to protect your hands and manicure.


Being on vacation is all about relaxing – and if you can relax properly, you’ll actually be extending your manicure, too. Day-to-day activities such as cooking, washing up, typing and writing can all wear away at that lovely new polish, so put your feet up, put the work laptop away, and order room service – there’s more than one good reason to give your hands a break from the daily grind!

Bring A Top Up

If you’ve gone for a classic shade, bring a bottle of varnish from home which matches as closely as possible. Alternatively, if none of your varnishes will match, bring a clear strengthening varnish instead. It’s not much extra to bring in your liquids allowance, and it means you can touch up any small scratches or chips as and when they happen. Brush the clear gel over the whole nail to protect the manicure and extend it.