How to Save Money on Transportation Costs in Australia

Manly Beach, Australia. Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Australia is one of the countries everyone wants to visit at least once, but this adventure requires a lot of planning because it comes with a high price tag. No matter where you’re traveling from, tickets don’t come cheap, but there are some tricks you can use to reduce your transportation costs while exploring this beautiful country.

Getting There

Airfare will be one of the biggest expenses you’ll face while planning your trip to Australia, so make sure to explore all the possible options. Skip the peak season between December and February to avoid high fares, and try being flexible with your dates.

If you’re thinking of exploring several cities across the country during your visit, check the fares for each of them and find the cheapest possible combination.

Getting Around

Most people exploring Australia tend to buy or rent a campervan while they’re there, and take road trips from one city to the next. Using Transfercar is also an option because it lets you relocate cars across the country, while only paying for fuel.

Things can get tricky if you’re not a driver, but you still have a couple of options. Planes are the fastest, but if you can’t afford them, Greyhound buses and carpool services are your best bet.