How to Stay in Touch With New Friends You Meet During Your Travels

Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash

One of the best things about traveling is all the amazing people you get to meet along the way. After sharing unforgettable memories in a new place, your paths will go in different directions, but you can form a lifelong friendship by putting an effort into staying in touch.

Exchange Your Socials

Staying in touch with your travel friends is pretty much impossible if you don’t share your contact information. Connecting on social media is usually the best idea because it gives you a better insight into each other’s lives and makes it easier to keep communication flowing.

Make an Effort

It takes more than liking someone’s photos and reacting to their Instagram stories to stay in each other’s life. Keep the communication flowing by scheduling regular video calls so you can catch up and share your experiences no matter where you are. Keep in mind this won’t always be easy when you’re in different time zones, but texting and recording audio messages is also an option.

Plan Another Trip

Traveling was what connected you and your friend in the first place, so keep up the momentum by planning another trip. Share your travel goals and aspirations with each other to see if they overlap and find a destination where you can make even more amazing memories together.