How To Visit The Wheel of Time Filming Locations

Josha Stradowski and Madeleine Madden in The Wheel of Time (2021)
Josha Stradowski and Madeleine Madden in The Wheel of Time (2021)

Amazon’s The Wheel of Time is emerging as the next big fantasy series hit. Based on the fantasy series of the same name written by Robert Jordan, it became the show to watch in 2021 thanks to its great story, talented cast, and stunning visuals.

Most people who watched The Wheel of Time were particularly blown away by the beautiful landscapes and the show’s scenery and started wondering where it was filmed. The good news is that the series was filmed in real locations which you can visit and experience in person. Check out the best of them below.

Camps: Jeskyne Rozborenka and Dolsky mlyn

When Moraine and the rest of the group needed some rest, they would often choose to set up cams at abandoned buildings and ruins. These scenes were filmed in the Czech Republic, just outside Prague. The sites included artificially excavated caves Jeskyne Rozborenka and the ruins of Dolsky mlyn mill and bridge.

Breen’s Spring: Great Quarry America

The small mining village of Breen’s Spring was the place where Rand and Mat narrowly escaped death after being chased by Dark One worshipper Dana. As it turns out, the outside scenes were shot at Czech’s abandoned limestone quarry known as Great Quarry America, which is located in the Central Bohemian Region.

Ghealdan: Segovia

Ghealdan is the city where we are introduced to the False Dragon. Standing in for Ghealdan was the historic Spanish city of Segovia, which is located northwest of the country’s capital Madrid.

Fal Dara: Terezin

The producers decided to stick with the Czech Republic when looking to film the outside shots for the fortress city of Fal Dara. Former military fortress Terezin was used as a basis, while the rest of the city’s walls were built using CGI.

Egwene Initiation: Soca River

One of the most memorable scenes in the opening episode of WoT is Egwene being pushed from a cliff into a river during her initiation. This scene was filmed in Slovenia, at the Soca river. The gorge of the river was also used for scenes in which Moraine and the group are running away from Riders of Fade.