Instead of Traveling This Summer, Here’s Why You Should Wait For The Fall

Traveling summer or fall
Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

We know you’re probably feeling all kinds of stir-crazy having been bottled up in your home for the last year and a half due to the coronavirus lockdowns. We feel you. We’ve all been in this thing together. And as individuals who have experienced the same thing as you, we’re here to give you a piece of advice that we’re going to be taking ourselves: Do not be swayed into traveling this summer now that things are finally starting to open up. You should wait till the fall instead, and here’s why.

The Pandemic is Still Here

Even though things are opening up, COVID-19 is still out and about. As much as we’d like to believe that it’s gone for good, this is certainly not the case, so why risk it and go on a major trip while there’s still a lot of unknown factors at play? Best to give it some more time.

It’s Gonna Be Packed

This brings us to our next point. Even if the pandemic is sort of ebbing away, that doesn’t exactly mean we should be refraining from social distancing. And if EVERYONE decides to travel this summer, something tells us that social distancing might be a little bit hard. So do yourself a favor and wait it out a bit longer. It’ll be worth it to travel in October or November because not only will it be less packed, it’ll be cheaper too!