Intriguing Airports That Will Make You Feel Like Your Vacation Began Early

Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore
Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash

Oftentimes, when we arrive at the airport before or after a trip, it feels more like a chore than a part of the holiday fun. After all, going through security, searching for the correct boarding gate, and arriving at the gate on time can cause stress. Still, there are some unique and, believe it or not, fun airports out there that will turn your waiting time into another thrilling part of your vacation experience.

Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Given its glass and steel dome, elegant hallways, and the ever-tranquil Shiseido Forest Valley at its epicenter, the Jewel Changi Airport is truly befitting of its name. If the shrubbery and open spaces aren’t enough to help you feel at ease, take a moment to gaze at the airport’s breathtaking waterfall. Located in the heart of the airport, this is the largest indoor waterfall in the world.

Munich International Airport, Germany

If you’re in the mood for an active vacation, then Munich Airport will do well to satisfy this hunger with its skateboarding, surfing, and ice skating rink. For those who are more in the mood to relax, there is the Airbräu Brewery and beer garden, the first-ever brewery inside an airport.

Don Mueang Airport, Thailand

Calling all golf enthusiasts: if you happen to be catching a flight at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, you can enjoy a round of golf while you wait to board your flight. Situated between its runways, the Kantarat Golf Course possesses all the characteristics of a legitimate course, including water features, bunkers, and of course, luscious green grass.