Is a Gondola Ride in Venice Really Worth It?

Venice gondola ride
Photo by Damiano Baschiera on Unsplash

There are few travel images as iconic as that of the tourist taking a ride in a gondola in the canals of Venice, Italy. In the photos and videos, it looks so peaceful and lovely, like an experience we’d all love to have. But is it actually as wonderful as it looks? And, more importantly, is it worth the money? Let’s investigate.

How Much Does a Gondola Ride Cost?

Let’s start with the most important detail: how much a gondola ride is going to cost you. Currently, a 40-minute gondola ride in Venice costs 80 euros. For another 20 minutes, you’ll pay an additional 40 euros. But that’s only if you go during the daytime. If you want your ride to be a romantic evening experience, you’ll end up paying 100 euros for 40 minutes or 150 for a full hour. Quite the pretty penny, eh?

Is It Worth It, Though?

Okay, sure, gondola rides are expensive. But many travel experiences are and, after all, this is a must-do when you’re in Venice, isn’t it? Well, it depends. If taking a gondola ride in Venice is on your bucket list, something you’ve always desperately wanted to do, then go for it! But if you just want the experience of being on the canals, there’s plenty of other options you can find like taking a traghetto (a boat ferry) or a boat tour.