Island Of Hvar: The Heart Of The Adriatic Sea

Photo by Klemen Lorber on Unsplash

The Croatian Coast is slowly becoming one of the favorite vacation destinations for most Europeans. There are plenty of reasons for that, starting from the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water to the rich history and lovely food the region provides.

But besides the coastal towns Croatia also offers one of the most beautiful islands in the region, so in this article we will give you a glance at the island of Hvar.  

The large island is located just a few miles from the Dalmatian coast and is one of the historically most important islands in the Adriatic trading route, which gave the island its great history and unique mix of cultures.  

Even though the whole island is worth exploring, the two most important places to visit are the Old Town and the town of Hvar.

The Old Town is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built under the influence of ancient Greeks and Romans with their unique architecture.

Hvar is the largest city on the island and is famous for its beautiful marina and many historical sites.

Finally, the island offers a great gastronomical experience with its famous Adriatic cuisine.