Israel Will Knock You Off Your Feet With its Stunning National Parks

Masada National Park, Israel
Masada National Park, Israel. Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

National parks are the best place to explore the natural beauty of each new country you visit and Israel is no different. This country is home to quite a few national parks that you should explore while exploring it and these four are a good place to start.

Mount Carmel National Park

The title of Israel’s largest national park belongs to Mount Carmel National Park. As its name suggests, this park encompasses most of the Carmel mountain range, with its hilly, evergreen woodlands.

Masada National Park

Masada National Park is one of Israel’s most popular attractions. It’s best known for being home to the ancient fortification Masada, located atop an isolated rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.

Ein Avdat National Park

This national park borrows its name from Ein Avdat, a mesmerizing canyon in the Negev Desert. Numerous springs, caves, and waterfalls can be found on its grounds, making it a heaven on Earth for nature lovers.

Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park is one of Israel’s very best because it blends nature and history into one. Most people visit it for its Ancient Roman ruins with a large amphitheater, but it’s also worth a trip for its amazing beach and harbor.