Johannesburg, South Africa Offers Some Pretty Unique Shopping Experiences

Johannesburg, South Africa. A shopaholics dream.
Photo by Clodagh Da Paixao on Unsplash

Whether you’re buying souvenirs for your loved ones at home or little trinkets to remind you of your travels, shopping is an essential part of every trip. If you’re not a huge fan of busy malls and prefer exploring unique and authentic places, Johannesburg has a couple of pretty amazing shopping spots in store.

Neighbourgoods Market

If you’re not sure how to spend your Saturday in Johannesburg, make sure to head to the Neighbourgoods Market. This outdoor market is especially popular with food lovers, but you can also buy vintage clothing and jewelry and relax to the sounds of live music while shopping.

44 Stanley

If you’re a fan of shopping experiences with a retro feel, this courtyard complex in downtown Johannesburg is just the thing you need. It’s known for being home to countless independent boutique stores and chic cafés where you can relax after your shopping spree.

Rosebank Sunday Market

Rosebank Mall is one of Johannesburg’s top shopping spots and you should make sure to visit it on Sunday morning. That’s the time when the Rosebank Roofmarket takes place, offering everything from delicious food and live music to arts and crafts to tourists and locals alike.