Khachapuri: The Gooey Cheesey Bread Boat from Georgia

Georgia (not the US state) is a country found in the Balkan region of Europe. It’s most famous for its beautiful Brutalist architecture and ancient history back when it was part of the USSR.

The beautiful country of Georgia is home to many pastry dishes and cheese-filled meals usually prepared with a salty and hard cheese called Sulguni.

Georgia is a place not to be missed when visiting the Balkans and is close to the neighboring countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and more. If you’re looking to visit an exotic country in Europe where West meets East – visit Georgia and try their amazing Khachapuri.

Similar to Cheese Pizzas

Khachapuri has many versions, including Adjarian Khachapuri that resembles a boat-like pastry where a cube of butter is placed on top of a bed of cheese and eggs. Then there’s the pizza-style khachapuri that would be great for sharing with friends and family.

Tastes Homemade

If you have the privilege of visiting this ancient country, all the Georgians will tell you that their grandma makes the best Khachapuri, and they may be right. The process of making this pastry takes a lot of effort to knead the dough and shape the bread. It’s truly a labor of love that needs lots of attention.