Koukaki, The Liveliest Neighborhood In Athens

Athens, the mother of the ancient Greek civilization, still stands proud today. The gods from the Acropolis are still looking at the Athenians from above, and the first thing they see when looking down is probably the Koukaki neighborhood.  

Located just below the Acropolis, this once quiet place is currently keeping up with touristic trends and becomes more popular by the minute. During the day you can walk the charming streets, smell the orange trees, pet some cats that hang around, maybe visit some museum, a local gallery or drink a nice cup of cold coffee. 

At night it might feel as if you died and went to bar heaven. From jazz bars, gay bars, and rock’ n ’roll hangouts, to hipster indie music bars with mason jars instead of cocktails glasses, no man will be left thirsty if you decide to have a night out in Koukaki.  

Yet people who love Koukaki the most have to be the young and aspiring artists. The entire neighborhood is covered with murals and graffiti, but none of them is there ”just because”, as they all carry strong messages, honest confessions and a touch of pure talent.