Layover City Breaks are Trending Now

Have you been paying attention to the latest trends in travel? If so, you’ve probably heard about one of the most popular new ideas that has been gaining traction for intercontinental travelers all over the globe: layover city breaks.

The idea of this new program, which is offered by a vast number of airlines in cities across the planet, allows for travelers who are making a layover in a hub city to take a few days to holiday there before moving on to their final destination.

By offering this program, airlines allow travelers to take advantage of what would normally only result as being a few hours in a city’s airport. Instead, they are given the opportunity to leave the airport and check out the city for a few days with no extra charge!

The stopover city idea was pioneered in Reykjavik, Iceland. Many low-cost Icelandic carriers began operating flights to and from Europe with a stop in their country’s capital city, allowing travelers to get to know this extreme northern country.

Now, this program is offered all over the globe. Common cities for layover breaks include Lisbon, Portugal, Dubai, UAE, and Tokyo, Japan!

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So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to see a city with no extra charge on your way to your next long-haul destination.