Lima Isn’t the Only Amazing City You Should Check Out in Peru

Peru cities
Arequipa, Peru. Photo by Megan Kotlus on Unsplash

Most people start exploring new countries from their capitals, and that also happens to be the case with Peru. Its largest city of Lima is the country’s number one must-see attraction, but these cities and their surroundings also deserve a moment of your time.


Peru’s second most populated city offers a little bit of something to everyone. Architecture enthusiasts will be wowed by its baroque buildings, while nature lovers won’t be able to resist exploring the volcanoes in its surroundings.


Trujillo is often described as Peru’s cultural capital. It’s the birthplace of the popular traditional dance marinera and home to countless cultural events throughout the year.


Despite its relatively tiny size in comparison to some other cities in Peru, Cusco is one of its must-see attractions thanks to its rich history. Many ancient sites can be found on its grounds since it once served as the capital of the Inca Empire.


Fans of architecture will find appreciation for Ica’s religious buildings, but this isn’t the reason why most people visit it. This city became a major tourist attraction thanks to its close proximity to Huacachina, a tiny village built around an oasis with the natural desert lake.