Looking For Fun and Affordable? Go to Poland

Krakow, Poland. Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a fun urban destination to give you the proper European experience without having to dig too deep into your pocket, consider Poland. The Central European country, and its capital in particular, has been gaining increasing popularity as a tourist destination in the past few years.

Warsaw, Poland, is a great way to enjoy all the European charm of the large capitals like Madrid and Berlin with the affordability of non-western countries. The low costs of accommodation, food, and shopping in the area open the door to guilt-free traveling. There’s literally no catch! The city offers historical landmarks, tasty restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs, and incredible shopping malls. What else can you ask for?

Other than Warsaw, there are many other locations in Poland that are worth visiting if you’re into exploring the country a little further. Krakow, one of Poland’s largest cities, is a wonderful option, with its stunning architecture and rich culture. Other attractive options are the historical Malbork Castle, the Tatra National Park, and the picturesque town of Zakopane, which is a popular winter getaway destination. With so many different options, Poland’s got something for everyone.