Many Cities Are Reporting Better Air Quality

As millions of people are staying at home right now, the pollution from cars and public transport is lower than ever and numerous cities around the world are reporting an increase in air quality and people are able to breathe clean air after a long time.

As BBC reports, air pollution in cities like London and Glasgow has dropped by half, and it was even more dramatic in some other places. Other places in the world that were affected include Italy, China, and South Korea — the countries with strict lockdown policies.

Guardian also reports a decrease in pollution in numerous UK cities, including Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, York, and Belfast.

This is good news for more than one reason. It’s directly related to the number of COVID-19 fatalities, as the Harvard University researchers found the link between polluted air and containing the virus. Environmental activists are hoping that this will lead to permanent changes in the world. The whole world is currently understanding that many things can be done with less traveling and that there are numerous jobs that can be done from home. There’s no reason to rush back to make things the same once this is finally over.