Money-Saving Tips For Backpacking Around Europe

Positano, Italy. How to save money when backpacking in Europe
Positano, Italy. Photo by Ryan James Christopher on Unsplash

Backpacking through Europe is definitely a unique adventure that every traveler should experience. Visiting European countries, however, is usually very expensive, but here are some useful tips that will help you save money and enjoy some of the most beautiful European cities on a budget.

Don’t Overpay for Accommodation

Accommodation is usually the biggest travel expense which is why backpackers have to be creative in order to save some money. Hostels are the most affordable and convenient option for backpackers but you can also consider Couchsurfing and other free accommodation options.

Bring a Tent

A tent and a sleeping bag are a must for every backpacker because sleeping in nature is one of the best ways to turn this trip into an adventure. Camping is a good way to spend more time in nature but also to save some money on accommodation.

Visit Museums On Free Days

Before you decide to splurge on museum tickets, check if museums offer free admission days because most of them do. This is an easy way to save a lot of money as museum tickets are usually pricey in Europe.