Most Exhilarating National Parks In New Zealand

Mount Aspiring, West Coast, New Zealand.
Mount Aspiring, West Coast, New Zealand. Photo by Koon Chakhatrakan on Unsplash

New Zealand is home to a stunning array of wildlife and natural scenery. With a series of world-famous national parks, you have many options to explore the landscape. Here are some of the most exhilarating national parks for you to visit in New Zealand.

Te Urewera National Park

This is a sprawling mass of virgin forest and crystal clear lakes. As you explore the deep vegetation and rocky crevices, you will find a number of picturesque waterfalls tumbling down the cliffsides.

Westland Tai Poutini National Park

Known as the Southern Alps, this is a mountainous national park that is over 3,700 meters tall at its peak and affords stunning alpine views stretching down to the ocean below. This is a great place if you love hiking and mountaineering.

Mount Aspiring National Park

This is another mountainous national park that provides wild, craggy landscapes for you to explore at your own leisure. Each time you come back you will find that there’s more to explore. It is full of serene lakes and interesting wildlife.

Abel Tasman National Park

Unique among New Zealand’s national parks, this has a beautiful sandy coastline, sapphire waters, and plenty of campsites for you to rest in.