Must-Visit Streets in Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its amazing beaches and seaside action in the amazing Canary Islands. But as a meeting place between Africa and Europe, it has a lot more to offer. Let us take you on a visit to the most amazing streets on the island.

Costa Adeja

This is one of the main streets of the islands. Some of the biggest hotels are within proximity and access to the beach is very easy. There is also a biweekly street market with souvenirs, clothes and accessories.

Puerto de la Cruz

Another popular destination for both locals and tourists is Puerto de la Cruz. Here you can enjoy a variety of local food, as well as small local shops that sell local craft. Don’t miss out on the iconic stairs designed like book covers.

Los Corinios

On the south part of the island, you will find the popular Los Corinios street. This is one of the most popular areas for summer resorts, but it also offers a great second-hand market, where you can find rare vinyl records and hand-made antiques. There are also many restaurants looking over the beach.