“Netherworld Haunted House” May Be the Most Thrilling Halloween Experience In The U.S.

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

The Netherworld Haunted House takes your typical Halloween Haunt experience to the next level. Instead of a bunch of intern actors jumping out at you in budget costumes, you can expect high-budget special effects and movie-set-worthy costumes.

The experience contains two haunted houses. The two haunts this year are “Night Of The Gorgon” and “Cold Blooded!”. You can expect live actors, terrific props and costumes and yes, it will be scary.

The website description of Gorgon reads: “The slightest glimpse of the nightmarish GORGON in Eliza Whyshman’s accursed mirror is a fate worse than death! Now an Apocalyptic cult is using this evil power to create an army of Stone warriors to crush any who dare oppose them! Will they succeed in defeating the forces of darkness with these unstoppable warriors or will an unnamable horror from the depths of the mountain be released by their abuse of power? Flee for your lives before the sun sets on the NIGHT OF THE GORGON!”

The haunts will be open on the following dates:

  • September 27-28
  • October 4-31
  • November 1-3
  • November 8-9

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