New UNESCO Protected Sites That Will Amaze You

Every year, UNESCO adds to its list of World Heritage Sites, and this year they added 29 new beautiful sites. All of them are natural and cultural wonders, of course, but they are also new exciting places you need to add on your bucket list. After all, UNESCO sites are always real gems, and here are a few of the coolest new additions!  

Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland  

Within its 14,141 km² area, this national park holds the largest glacier in the world. If you’re not into glaciers, you can visit the two active volcanoes hidden within. Ice caves are also a must, and you will be speechless when you see the magnificent waterfalls and frozen rivers. Oh, and Game of Thrones was filmed here.

Bagan, Myanmar  

You can take a hot air balloon and explore this place from a different perspective. Bagan is a home to many Buddhist temples and monasteries from 13th and 15th century and was once the capital of the Burmese empire.   

Mounded Tombs of Ancient Japan  

Right over Osaka Plain, you will find this unusual site. It’s consisted of 49 different tombs, which date from the 3rd-6th century, and are a unique monument from the Kofun period.