Oslo’s Frogner Park Offers a Little Bit of Something to Everyone

Frogner park, Oslo
Image by Schomsi from Pixabay

Oslo is one of those busy European capitals that still somehow manage to win you over with their natural beauty. There are many amazing parks on the Norwegian city’s grounds that perfectly fuse nature with the urban vibe of this city, and here’s why Frogner is one of the very best.

Natural Beauty

Just like any other park, Frogner is worth the visit for its natural beauty alone. It’s a popular spot for recreational activities, and tourists and locals alike go here when they want to sit back and relax. Frogner’s flora is especially impressive, and you can discover 150 species of plants while roaming its grounds.

Stunning Sculptures

Frogner is often referred to as Vigeland Sculpture Park because it houses approximately 200 sculptures, designed by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland, which you can freely explore during your visit. To make the whole thing even better, Frogner happens to be the world’s largest sculpture park designed by a single artist.

Museum Visit

In addition to many amazing sculptures and species of plants, this park is also home to Frogner Manor. It’s the most significant building on its premises, and if you’re in the mood to explore the history of Norway’s capital city, make sure to visit Oslo Museum inside its main house.