Palawan Island, The Dazzling Crown Jewel Of The Philippines

Photo by Rhys McKay on Unsplash

As a destination for vacationers and travelers, the Philippines are becoming more and more popular each passing year. The reason are the stunning nature and wonderful resorts along the heavenly coastline, which offer an unforgettable yet really affordable experience, compared to other places in the region.  

First of all, the island is a great holiday destination because of its long white sand beaches and marvelous turquoise waters, which can hardly be equaled by any other place on Earth. For a great beach experience, you should definitely visit El Nido on the northern coast of Palawan. 

Palawan also offers great sights of untouched nature and vibrant underwater flora, the latter making it one of the best places to go scuba diving, so be sure not to miss on that. The place we recommend is Puerto Princesa, a world-famous diving site.  

The local population is known for their friendliness, hospitality and generosity, and Palawan is the perfect place for the traveler who likes to immerse in different cultures.

The food is nothing short of divine and will surprise even the most seasoned food aficionados, so you should visit Palawan’s many little lovely restaurants with an open mind and try all local specialties!