Pay Extra Attention to These Three Things Before Making a Booking on Airbnb

Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

Most people head to Airbnb when looking for accommodation for their travels these days, but this website has its ups and downs. You can end up overpaying or booking a place in the wrong location if you’re still a newbie, but these mistakes can be avoided if you pay extra close attention to these three things.

Wrong Location

Most booking sites give you the exact address for each apartment, but Airbnb is a little bit vaguer. Before you actually book the place, you’ll only get the name of the neighborhood and an approximate location on the map, and you’ll need to decide for yourself if that’s enough.

Extra Frees

When it comes to prices on Airbnb, there’s usually a difference between the base price and the total price. In addition to booking fees, the total price on this website includes service fees and cleaning fees, often making apartments on Airbnb much more expensive than it first seems.

Flexibility and Cancelations

If you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to embark on your trip, look for bookings that offer a little bit of wiggle room. Check if the apartment in question offers free cancelation to make sure you can get your money back if your plans change.