Places Around the World Where Cars Are Banned

Zermatt, Switzerland.
Zermatt, Switzerland. Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Do you hate smog, traffic, horn honking, and spending too much time in cars? Then you’ll love visiting one of the following cities where cars are actually banned. Check them out below.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

A small village full of houses that are hundreds of years old, Giethoorn is the definition of picturesque. In classic Netherlands style, it’s full of canals that allow you to get around by boat. Otherwise, you can use walking paths and bike trails to navigate the storybook village.

Zermatt, Switzerland

A popular mountain travel destination in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt, Switzerland is very strict about its no-car policy. If you want to come by for a visit for a ski or snowboard trip, you’ll have to get in by train or even helicopter. You can also take a taxi that has special permission to drop you off at your hotel.

Hydra, Greece

A dreamy Greek island located near Athens, you can get to Hydra by water taxi. And once you’re there, you won’t see a single car. Instead, you can use boats or just your feet to get around from beach to beach or check out the iconic natural springs.