Places to Visit Before It Gets Too Late

If you’ve been postponing a certain trip for some time, always saying that you will go next year, know there are places that may not be around much longer, so make sure to visit them while you still can!


Venice is the infamous example of this, as it’s known that the city is slowly sinking. You should see St. Mark’s Basilica and feel the city’s unique atmosphere while you still have the chance.

The Maldives

It’s said that the Maldives is also slowly sinking, and given that 80% of the country sits on 3.3 feet or less above sea level, we can easily figure that the paradise-on-Earth is endangered.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is known as the largest structure made by men, but it’s crumbling under the pressure of millions of tourists that visit it every year. We hope it will stand the test of time, but we can’t really know for sure how long it’s going to last.