Plan an Affordable Staycation in 3 Short Steps

Staycation tips
Photo by Jack Foster on Unsplash

Staycations allow you to get out of your routine by exploring your home country when foreign travel is out of bounds. It’s much more affordable than international travel, but expenses can pile up if you’re not being careful enough and you can avoid them with these saving tips.

Don’t Go Alone

If your staycation requires driving, don’t hit the road until you have a group of people who can split the costs of gas. This will be your biggest expense, but traveling with friends and family also means you’ll be splitting the cost of food, logging, and other additional expenses.

Free Stay

The best thing about traveling in your home country is that you probably have friends and family members that you can stay with. Before hitting the road, check if they’d be willing to host you, and you won’t have to spend any money on accommodation if they agree.

Short Stay

The longer you stay on the road, the more money you’re going to spend. That’s why shorter trips are your best bet. Consider going on weekend getaways and day trips throughout the year, instead of splashing all your money on a single vacation, because you’ll get to discover many amazing places for the same amount of money.