Plan the Ideal Vacation with “Bridges and Balloons”

While international travel isn’t in the cards for us in 2020, it doesn’t stop us from dreaming about greener pastures. You can’t blame us for being optimistic, we do run a travel blog after all. And if these past months had taught us anything its that to never take what we have for granted.

It has also taught us compassion for our fellow travel bloggers (hang in there!). This week we’d like to introduce you to travel bloggers Victoria and Steve from Bridges and Balloons. Fans of road trips, cakes, cabins, and bookshops their website and accompanying Instagram page offer travel recommendations and unique itineraries, filled with beautifully designed places to stay and ways to experience life like a local.

Rather than treating your vacation as a long to-do list filled with “must-sees”, Bridges and Balloons offers a way of travel that stresses the importance of soaking up the atmosphere and experiencing local life. “We favor independents over chains, and while we’re vegetarian, we tend to eat in restaurants that are known to be good for all food rather than just veggie stuff,” writes Victoria. “We love places that have a story behind them, and we prioritise the experience over the price, featuring both budget and luxury styles.”

Having traveled around the world (sometimes regularly, sometimes full-time) for the past two decades, Victoria is here top show you the ropes. “I’m that friend you always ask for travel tips,” she writes, “who you can rely on to have done all the research and sought out the places that make a trip unique. I’m an 100% travel geek – and a certified cake and book fiend.”

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Today is what has been dubbed ‘Super Saturday’ in the UK. Our lockdown has been radically eased and now pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels are all open, social distancing has been reduced to 1m (although you’re meant to wear a mask at less than 2m), and from next week our borders are open to 59 countries. While I’d love to get back to “normal” and for people’s livelihoods to be restored, this feels like too much all at once and too soon. It seems all responsibility has now been placed on the public (most likely so we can be blamed for any repercussions that come our way). And that’s a worrying situation to be in. Tensions and frustrations are running high, and scenes like those from the beaches last week and the rave that happened on my doorstep don’t inspire confidence in our resolve. Especially when alcohol is added to the mix. So this is a plea to everyone who is venturing out: please be safe and sensible. No-one wants a second wave and to be thrown back into lockdown. So let’s do our best to stop that from happening. And while you might not consider yourself at risk, remember to spare a thought for those who are. And tell me: how are you all feeling about ‘Super Saturday’? Will you be heading to the pub or a local restaurant? Or staying put at home? What do you think should have happened at this stage? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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