Planning a Company Retreat? Here Are 3 Things to Consider

Work trip
Photo by Nicole Herrero on Unsplash

Organizing a company retreat is no easy undertaking. Amateurs may think it’s just about booking a hotel for 50 people and calling it a day. But the truth is, it’s an intricate task that, if done right, can foster team building, boost morale, and increase productivity. Here are three key things to consider when planning a company retreat to ensure it becomes a roaring success.

Do Your Homework

Before you dive into the logistics, take a step back and define the main objectives of your retreat. Whether it’s strengthening social connections, inspiring creativity, or boosting team motivation, well-defined goals are your friends in planning a great company getaway. Surveying company employees in advance is a wonderful option! This way, you can use their input to shape the agenda and activities.

Choose the Right Setting

As many have said before: location, location, location. This precious aspect can make or break the entire retreat, so choose wisely. Make sure to base your decision on your goals and the preferences of your employees. Whether you end up choosing a beachside resort, a mountain retreat, or an urban oasis, the setting should facilitate relaxation and team bonding. A well-balanced environment will contribute to a successful retreat that leaves a lasting positive impact.

Build a Thoughtful Agenda

Once goals and locations are set, it’s time to craft the perfect agenda. It’s important to maintain a good balance between pure fun, team building, and some light discussions on company goals and vision. Incorporate icebreakers, set time for poolside or spa R&R, and include some more dynamic activities like hikes, city tours, or a group visit to the zoo. A thoughtful agenda should create a holistic experience for employees, leaving them thoroughly satisfied and happy to return to work.