Popular Sporting Events to Catch in Japan

Japanese boxing
Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash

The world has just finished watching the Olympics take place in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. But what sports do the Japanese particularly like all year round? Here are some of the most popular sports in Japan to catch while visiting.


Surprisingly, baseball is undoubtedly Japan’s most popular sport. It is often described as the country’s “National Sport”. The ball, the strike zone, and the field are a little smaller than in American baseball. But some American players do actually play in the Japanese leagues.

Sumo Wrestling

The most famous traditional Japanese sport, Sumo wrestling has been around since ancient times. It is the most prestigious and highly respected sport in Japan.


Tennis has been played in Japan for about 150 years. The sport has taken a prominent cultural place. In fact, Japan’s first-ever gold Olympic medals were in tennis.


Boxing has become an increasingly popular sport in Japan. Many top boxers are household names, although they rarely compete for international titles outside of Japan.


Another western import, golf has been traditionally played by the Japanese middle classes. The sport has since opened up to people of all classes and genders.