Practices to Calm Anxiety While Traveling

Traveling anxiety
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Traveling is often an enriching experience filled with opportunities to learn. Sometimes, though, the opportunities may feel more like challenges. Not knowing your way around or being able to understand the language is never easy, and the unfamiliarity can quickly lead to overwhelming feelings. Hopefully, the excitement will outweigh the difficulties in the end, but for those moments in between when you may be feeling anxious, we have a few practices that can keep you calm.

Bring Lavender

Lavender is scientifically proven to induce a calming effect and treat anxiety. The easiest way to utilize the plant while traveling is to bring a bottle of lavender essential oil along with you. It’s easy to throw into a bag and most bottles sold are small enough to take through security if you’re flying. When you’re feeling anxious, open the bottle and take a few deep breaths of the scent.

Keep Loved Ones Close

One of the most common causes of anxiety while traveling is missing anyone you may have left behind. Schedule time every day to check in, be it through a call or a text, to feel the comfort of connecting with a loved one.


Start each day with just a few minutes of meditation. Taking the time to ground and breathe first thing is the best way to ensure that the feeling of calm stays with you throughout the day.