Prepare For Your Travels: Tips For Learning a New Language

If you are heading to another continent, learning a second language can help you communicate with more people and navigate new places easier. Here are some tips for learning a new language quickly and efficiently.

Join Duolingo

Duolingo is a free website and app designed to make learning languages fun and easy. You have to complete each level to gain access to more complicated vocabulary and the course is designed to help you master the basics before you move up.

Get a Pen Pal

Join language sharing groups on Facebook or make use of the contacts you already have. The fastest way to learn a language is by speaking it naturally and having a friend to practice with can help you learn much quicker.

Set Yourself Goals

Learning a new language can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to master a language overnight, set yourself reasonable goals. Start by learning the basics like “hello” and “thank you” and then move on to more challenging phrases when you feel comfortable.

Re-watch Your Favorite Shows

Can you quote your favorite TV show without hesitation? Next time you binge-watch Friends, watch it in the language you are trying to learn. When you know a TV show well, you can follow what they are saying without relying on the subtitles.

Learn The Culture

Remind yourself why you decided to learn a new language in the first place. Perhaps it’s because you love Italian food or perhaps you have been dreaming about moving to Paris since you were a child. Learning the culture will keep you passionate about your learning and will help you to improve your communication skills in context.