Rio de Janeiro’s Can’t-Miss Museums

Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Mauro Lima on Unsplash

Museums might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, but there is a hidden variety of excellent places to see, experience, and learn here in this Brazilian metropolis. Add these three Rio museums to your list of places to visit when you want to take a break from the sand and samba!

Museu do Amanhã

Rio’s most famous museum is the Museu do Amanhã, a science museum that focuses on technology and the future. Its striking design by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava hosts exhibitions about ecology, green technology, the cosmos, and sustainable cities.

Rio Art Museum

If you’re an art fan, make time to visit the Rio Art Museum. Here, you will find an exhibition that focuses on Brazilian art. The story of the country’s past and origins is told here via one of the world’s most impressive collections of anthropological art.

National Historical Museum

Brazil’s history is as fascinating, tragic, and eye-opening as any country on Earth. Discover pieces that weave a story about the country’s past, including its indigenous roots and Portuguese colonization, through collections like royal thrones and coins.