Sacred Spots to Pass the Winter Solstice

Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

The winter solstice is a magical time of year. It marks the passage of the seasons as winter begins to cede to spring. There is a growing community of religious or spiritual travelers who like to spend these significant cosmic events in the sacred presence of ancient temples and monuments designed to welcome these celestial influences. Here are 5 top destinations for passing the winter solstice for the spiritually curious tourist.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

This ancient Mayan monument was constructed to harness the powerful energies of the sun. On the day of the winter solstice, the sun follows the horizon and beams its light gradually along the monument’s wall before penetrating it.

Stonehenge, England

This mysterious stone structure may have been constructed to chart the course of the winter solstice sunset. This is a magical place to participate in the solstice with thousands of others.

Glastonbury Tor, England

This is one of the best places in England to witness the passage of the sun through the winter sky. It often seems as though the sky is glowing red as the sun baths the mound in golden light.

Karnak Temple, Egypt

This ancient temple is just one of many sacred structures in Egypt built to welcome the winter sun. This is a truly enchanting place to witness this perennial event that has been practiced for millennia.