Saint Lucia Will Rock Your World With Its Sun-Kissed Bays

Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia. Photo by Katrina Mulfati on Unsplash

Saint Lucia is one of the tiniest island countries that the Caribbean region has in store, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. A single glance at its sun-kissed bays will make you fall in love with it and here are three that you shouldn’t miss for the world while exploring it.

Rodney Bay

One of Saint Lucia’s most popular attractions, Rodney Bay shares its name with a charming tiny town where it’s located. This horseshoe-shaped bay will rock your world with its clear waters and white-sand beaches, but it’s also known for being home to a large marina with yacht docks.

Fond d’Or Bay

Fond d’Or River is one of the countless tiny rivers in Saint Lucia and its journey ends in Fond d’Or Bay. Located on the east side of the island, this bay is much more secluded and less touristy than some others in Saint Lucia, and you should visit it if you’re looking for a Zen experience.

Marigot Bay

Surrounded by steep, forested hills, Marigot Bay is one of Saint Lucia’s most picture-perfect spots. It’s a historic landmark known for serving as a setting for a classic movie Doctor Dolittle and you can explore everything from beaches and water sports to restaurants and fancy resorts during your visit.