Save Money with Spain’s New Low-Cost High-Speed Train!

High-speed trains are one of the most popular options for getting from place to place in Europe. While these quick carriages are definitely a convenient option, you will often find that they are pricey when compared with other, slower services. Some countries have begun to implement low-cost options for their high-speed trains, and Spain is one of them. Their new AVLO service, which will launch in June 2021, is set to offer travelers low-cost, high-speed trips that serve as a fascinating option for budget travelers.

An Ideal Option

Renfe, the Spanish state rail operator, will initially offer the service on its most popular route from Madrid to Barcelona, with an intermediate stop in the major city of Zaragoza. Set to take just three hours, it will be a quick and inexpensive option for the common journeys between these two major tourist destinations.

Much Yet To Come

The new service will use Spain’s existing high-speed rail lines and is set to expand to the rest of the country’s high-speed network over the coming years. You can expect to see other cities like Seville, Valencia, Granada, and Valladolid serviced by AVLO as the service expands.

You might not get the luxury dining options and the service that you would on a normal high-speed train, but there’s no denying that this is the most cost-friendly way to travel fast on the rail.

Would you be willing to give AVLO a try?