Ski Egypt Brings Winter Fun to the Desert!

When you think of skiing destinations, what comes to mind? While your mind might wander to the peaks of the Alps or the cross-country paradises of North America, there is no question that a place like Egypt is not the first one you will think of. However, one of Cairo’s most fascinating attractions is changing that perspective: Ski Egypt is a must-visit for anyone heading to this North African country.

Located in the Mall of Egypt, Ski Egypt is the largest facility of its kind anywhere in Africa. Containing more than a kilometer of artificial slopes which are always covered in snow, no matter how hot it is outside, this is a unique experience that you would be crazy to pass up.

In addition to the slopes for those of us who enjoy skiing, there are other winter-themed attractions at this fascinating park too. From the snow penguins which live inside the attraction to the Nordic-themed playground for the kids and a cafe, there are lots of interesting things to do and see when visiting Ski Egypt.

So, in between your visits to the Pyramids of Giza and the Abu Simbel Temples, why not make time to dip into a below freezing spot that you will have a lot of fun at and never forget?