Sleep With the Fish at The Muraka

Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

The Muraka is the world’s first underwater hotel and it looks absolutely magical.

When it comes to luxury hotels in the Maldives, tourists are spoiled for choice. Nowhere is quite as special as the Muraka which is a 5-star hotel that sits above and below the Indian Ocean.

The upstairs suite features a huge master bedroom and a massive tub that overlooks the ocean. The views are stunning and no detail has been overlooked. The interior is sleek, marble, and naturally, gorgeous. The suite includes loungers, hammocks, and a private infinity pool.

When you head downstairs, that is where the magic really starts. You can take an elevator down to a 180 degree acrylic underwater dome. The walls are so thick, that it is able to withstand a tsunami.

Once you are in the dome, you are truly out in the middle of the ocean. You can lie back in your bed and watch colorful fish and marine life swimming right by the window. It’s just like an aquarium except instead of fish in a tank, you are in a luxury hotel.

A night’s stay in The Muraka is a little steep but this is one for the bucket list nonetheless.