So Much More Than Paris

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

When you think of France, the first city that pops into your mind has to be Paris. But have you ever heard of Bordeaux, a wine capital in the Basque region of France?

What is there to see and do in Bordeaux that you can’t get in Paris, you ask? Well, how about the historical part of the city, which is protected by UNESCO and has the lovely name Port de la Lune (The Harbor of the Moon), or an entire neighborhood dedicated to art galleries, or the many museums that you can get lost in and enjoy a truly intimate experience, as Bordeaux is not nearly as crowded as Paris.

Once there, how about a nice dip in the Atlantic Ocean, a walk through the hundreds of vineyards surrounding the city, or a relaxing hike?

If all of this seemed enough for you to get you to book your ticket, just wait until we get to the best part, which is of course the food and the wine!

Get ready for the best oysters, clams and mussels you’ve ever had, along with some tasty salads and freshly baked bread – Bordeaux style!

And for dessert? Who could possibly resist a glass of local red Bordeaux wine, a piece of gooey brie and some fig jam?

We rest our case. Enjoy!