Soccer Fans Can’t Miss These Montevideo Stadiums

Aerial View of Montevideo, Uruguay. Image by DanFLCreativo/Depositphotos

Uruguay, a small South American country of only about 3 million people, has always out-punched its weight when it comes to the game of soccer. The winner of two World Cups and fifteen Copa Americas has produced some of the game’s biggest stars and features a culture that is passionate about the game. If you find yourself in Uruguay’s capital and largest city of Montevideo, try to make time to catch a match at these three stadiums.

Estadio Centenario

The long-time home of the Uruguay national team is the Estadio Centenario. The atmosphere at a game here with fans is absolutely unbeatable, as over 60,000 fans (2% of the country’s population!) jam into sing on and cheer for their team in the heart of the city.

Estadio Campeon del Siglo

Located in the outskirts of the city in the neighborhood of Bañados de Carrasco is the home of one of Uruguay’s most popular club teams, Peñarol. The second-largest stadium in the country fits over 40,000 fans, who put on an impressive display in 2011 by unfurling the largest ever flag displayed in a stadium.

Estadio Gran Parque Central

Peñarol’s biggest rival, Club Nacional de Football, is over 120 years old and boasts another impressive stadium that features a gaggle of soccer-crazy fans. Known as “The Temple,” this stadium opened in 1900 and hosted matches in the 1930 World Cup.