Some of the Best Places In the World to be a Digital Nomad

Want to embrace the cool and adventurous lifestyle of a digital nomad? We believe you have a long list of destinations you’d like to visit, but you should know that some cities are friendlier to digital nomads than others. These cities are some of the best in the world for a digital nomad.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the first logical choice if you want to live and work in Europe as a digital nomad. Great networking opportunities, dozens of tech startups, great nightlife, and a vibrant cultural scene are what makes Berlin the best city for freelancers.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Min City is still climbing the list of best destinations for digital nomads, but as one of the most exotic destinations in the world, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Costs of living in this city, from food to accommodation, are pretty low, which means that setting up here is pretty easy. Plenty of great coworking spaces with entrepreneurs from all around the world is what makes this destination attractive to live in.

Cape Town, South Africa

Also known as “Silicon Cape”, this town is the technology center of Africa, which makes it a popular destination among freelancers working in this field. Cape Town is not cheap to live in, but if you love spending your free time in beautiful nature, then you should definitely consider it.

Seoul, South Korea

Cheap Airbnb rooms and public transport, a variety of coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi and the possibility to rent cheap “study rooms” is what makes the capital of South Korea a perfect place for digital nomads.

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Seoul City

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