St. Moritz: a lot more than Just a Famous Ski Resort

Image via minnale/Instagram

St. Moritz, one of the world’s most famous holiday resorts, lays in the Engadine in Switzerland, at about 1800 meters above sea level. All you have to do is choose between the historic grand restaurants, the breathtaking hotel lobbies, the modern lounges, cozy taverns, the mountaintop restaurants or simple pubs and bars, to spend your time at.

But St. Moritz is more than just a holiday resort, it is appreciated by guests from all over the world thanks to its Alpine lifestyle and top-class restaurants that truly satisfies gourmet demands.

All you need in order to truly enjoy your stay is a sense of culinary adventure, a large appetite, and enough cash. No matter what your heart desires, you will most certainly find it. From gourmet restaurants to Italian food, to Asian-Fusion, to the typical Swiss restaurants high on the mountains.

Besides gourmet food, you can also find restaurants in and around St. Moritz with typical dishes from the neighborhoods of Italy, such as ‘capuns’, made from dried meat and rolled in chard leaf, to the typical Swiss specialties such as fondue and raclette.

If you’re looking for something ‘lighter’, countless bars, cafés, and lounges await with club sandwiches, panini, and cakes, all day long.

“IGNIV,” by Andreas Caminada, a Swiss three-star chef, is one of the latest additions to the restaurant scene in St. Mortiz. “Kulm Country Club,” located in the Kulm Hotel’s historic ice rink pavilion, also opened its doors in 2017 and is already a popular place to eat when visiting St. Moritz.

One of the highlights of the year in St. Moritz is the annual Gourmet Festival. Held every January, the festival takes place over eight days and has an extensive planning of food and wine tasting, as well as kitchen parties. The festival also involves a tour through St. Moritz in a limousine, stopping at five different restaurants, each with a particular selected menu.

The next Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz will take place January 11 – 19, 2019.