Street Food You Shouldn’t Miss in Bogota, Colombia

Photo by WOM | Creative Studio Verona on Unsplash

To fully experience Bogota, Colombia, you need to explore the city’s gastronomic side. And the best way to do it is to hit the streets and try as many street food dishes as possible. If you need some inspiration on what to try, check out these classic Colombian foods below.


Nothing says Colombian street food like arepas. Made out of ground corn dough, this flatbread is enjoyed as is or combined with other ingredients like cheese, meat, or veggies in the form of a sandwich. 


Just like arepas, empanadas are also a staple of Bogota’s street food offerings. Colombian empanadas are usually smaller in size than other empanadas, made out of corn dough, and filled with mashed potatoes, ground meat, or a mix of chicken and rice with veggies.


Churros are popular all across Latin America, and Bogota is no different. However, unlike other countries, Colombia likes to keep its churros simple. The deep-fried pastry is often covered with sugar and enjoyed in this simple and delicious way.

Fresh Fruits and Juices

You’ll encounter stalls offering fresh fruits and fruit juices all across Bogota. Make sure to stop by, as this is a unique opportunity for you to try some of the more exotic fruits like tamarillo, feijoa, and curuba.