The whole world is in a really weird situation right now. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many people are stuck at home with nowhere to go for the upcoming few months. If you’re feeling bad because you can’t travel right now, it’s the perfect time to take some virtual vacations! Here are some of our favorite tours.

Machu Picchu

This ancient site in Peru gets more than 500,000 millions of visitors per year, but now that people are prevented from traveling you can explore it from your home. Take a virtual tour here and you’ll definitely want to see it in person one day!

The Grand Canyon

It’s estimated that 6 million people come to see the Grand Canyon every year and you now have a chance to explore the site without crowds, as you sit comfortably at your home. How amazing is that?

Sistine Chapel

Vatican’s Sistine Chapel is famous for its Renaissance frescoes painted by Michelangelo, and it’s probably the most visited room in the world. It gets around 5 million visitors each year but if you explore it using this link, you can admire the artwork without anybody around you and for as long as you want.