Sushiro: Japan’s Conveyor Belt is for Sushi Lovers

Sushiro is one of the best places in Japan if you want a quick meal before heading out to school or work.

This famous place was founded in the 80s by Yutaka Shimizu and Yoshiu Shimizu. They now have over 530 branches in countries in Southeast Asia including Japan and Korea. They just recently launched a branch in Singapore that uses local ingredients hailing from Japan.

The sushi and side menu prices vary from $2.20 to $5.00 per piece.

Singapore Opening

Japan’s famous sushi conveyor belt brand is making waves for its first appearance in Singapore. It opened recently with more than 100 types of sushi and other tiny dishes. If you’re in the Tiong Bahru Plaza area, don’t forget to make a pit stop here for some amazing sushi.

Cute Desserts

On top of serving some of the best fast food sushi – they have an impressive dessert section. Sushiro certainly doesn’t disappoint with their panda cookies placed on top of a bed of matcha ice cream. This delicious treat is the icing on top of the cake after a meal and children (as well as adults) will be screaming for seconds.