Take These Steps to Keep Yourself Safe from Hotel Germs!

Avoid germs when traveling
Photo by Olexandr Ignatov on Unsplash

Cleanliness, sanitary practices, and staying healthy are on everyone’s mind now as the world begins to inch towards opening up for travel. Staying in hotels might be a point of concern for you, as it isn’t immediately clear how you can keep your spot germ-free. Use these tips to avoid contact with germs while staying in a hotel.

Sanitizing Wipes

Take sanitizing wipes with you on your trip and be prepared to give your hotel a deep clean with them upon arrival and after anyone has been in the room to clean. This will allow you to ensure that no foreign bacteria or viruses are hanging around on surfaces.

Avoid Glassware

While it might be tempting to pour a drink into the glassware that you will find for your use in your hotel room, we would skip doing so. You never know what microbes might be lingering on the surface of these glasses, and it’s better to avoid them.

Ditch Decorative Bed Elements

While hotel staff generally do an excellent job of cleaning and sanitizing rooms, one place that is often left alone without being cleaned for periods of time are decorative bed elements like decorative pillows and comforters. Avoid contact with them to avoid germs.