Taklamakan: The Endless Dunes of China

Deserts are usually associated with arid climates and not a lot of diverse vegetation. Despite the lack of green around, deserts have many other sights and animals that fit their climate. Animals such as lizards, tortoises and even Addaxes graze the plains of the barren duneland.

China is famous for its diverse natural ecosystems. The Taklamakan Desert is a spectacular sight that hasn’t been explored much due to its challenging terrain. Nonetheless, it’s great to marvel at the sight of this beautiful desert.

You Can Fry Eggs Here

The Taklamakan Desert is located near the Uyghur people in the northwest region of China. Its intimidating look can leave travelers in awe, while some travelers attest to frying eggs in the desert because of its hot weather.


Second Largest Desert in the World

This desert is the second largest desert and has the biggest shifting sand dunes in the entire world. It covers 337,000 km squared of space and is one of the oldest deserts, being more than 3 million years old.