Tbilisi is a Rare Beauty That Should Be On Your Travel List

Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Jaanus Jagomägi on Unsplash

If you want to visit a truly unique place that not many people know about, Tbilisi is the place for you. The capital city of Georgia has a rich and complex history that will fascinate any traveler, and it’s full of architectural gems and peculiar places that you can’t see anywhere else. 

Some of the factories in Tbilisi have been repurposed and now they are exclusive places that you’ll fall in love with. Hotels, galleries, stores, and bars are some of the things that gave a second life to these old buildings. Rooms Hotel is the most famous one, but you can also check out Wine Factory N1. According to a legend, the latter has wine collections that belonged to Napoleon and Stalin. 

Dry Bridge Flea Market is the perfect place if you want to explore the local culture. Here you can find almost anything from the 19th century, so you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. Among other things, you can find European porcelain and artworks, and maybe learn a thing or two about their history from the vendors. 

Tbilisi’s remarkable architecture is also worth exploring. You can join some of the many tours available, visit the suburbs and enjoy the spirit of this mesmerizing city!