The Algarve is Full of Natural Wonders

The southern coast of Portugal, known as the Algarve, is often known as being a beach, party, and sun destination for many Europeans. Did you know, however, that it also contains a number of natural treasures that you can visit for an escape from the typical tourist experience?

Here are the top three natural spots that you can check out on your next trip to the Algarve.

Ponta da Piedade

One of the most famous and recognizable sites in all of Portugal is Ponta da Piedade, a headland of golden rock formations that jut out from the ocean to the south of the city of Lagos. These fragile sea pillars are a natural treasure that tourists never cease to marvel at.

Ria Formosa

Have you ever visited a lagoon before? Ria Formosa, a stretch of natural inlets that come inland through a system of barrier islands to create a paradise for birds and plant life is a great place to see the natural magic that are created when this unique ecosystem is formed.

Cabo Sao Vicente

The southwesternmost point in mainland Portugal is located here, at the cape of San Vicente in the town of Sagres. This windswept point, which is highlighted by a lighthouse and a commemorative plaque designating its geographical importance, can truly be considered “the end of Europe.”